A southern girl with a big heart and a creative soul 

Tam Finley, Lifestyle Photographer

Tam Finley, Lifestyle Photographer

Hey Y’all!

I'm a Southern girl, born and raised in Birmingham, AL. Soon after I graduated from the University of Alabama-Birmingham, I was afforded the opportunity to live abroad and I took it. 11 years later here I am. My travels took me all over Europe to some of the best and worst places in the world. All of my adventures greatly influence my perspective as a photographer and a person. My style is also partly influenced by my unique upbringing and life experiences. All of these experiences humbled me and daily encourage me to realize the awesomeness and grace given each day.

"I love sharing my clients' stories of joy and laughter within each frame that I capture. I have a quirky, graceful way of thinking and it shows throughout my portfolio. It is an honor and pleasure to document people living, enjoying life, and thriving in it."  

Words to Live By…

Be still and know that He is God.

Remember that life is simple. Don't make it complex.

Always love in spite of and trust that good will always prevail.

Never forget that you do not control what life throws at you, but you DO control whether you keep it, throw it back, and at what angle. 

In the professional arena I’m what the world has labeled a creative. I love to create. Pictures, websites, opportunities… I’m your girl!

In addition to being a lifestyle photographer I spend most of my days assisting my clients with developing “faith-fueled” brands and websites in the Tam Finley Design Studio™. For those seeking degrees, I have a bachelor’s in Health Sciences - Management from the University of Alabama-Birmingham. I enhanced my natural photography skills by completing continuing learning courses from several online platforms, including Adobe.com and Samford University’s Learning After Dark.

On the home front, I'm a devoted wife to an equally-awesome guy. I'm also a SuperMom to an energetic, limitless, supernatural young man. I enjoy the simple stuff like sunny days, the fresh smell of rain and all the rest of the beauty of the Creator. As a Lifestyle Photographer, I'm offered the outstanding privilege to enlighten the world by showing off some of God's best work. I welcome the opportunity to curate your milestones.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”



Style — My focus is to capture life as it happens. I love vintage-style, soulful shoots.

Camera —

Nikon D7000. My favorite lens 50mm.


to drink: herbal tea or latte in a gorgeous mug

to listen to: leela james, ledisi, jazz

to watch: hgtv, foodnetwork, and OWN

to read: biographies

to eat: shrimp & grits

dessert: red velvet cake

to wear: denim anything

photographer: gordon parks

location to shoot: a vintag-ey landscape

person: my handsome son 

past time: creating

to do: just relax

place to visit: somewhere tropical

website: pinterest.com

A Few of My Favorite Things

my crew

my crew